Phishing Attack and Tips to Avoid Being Victimized

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What is phishing ?

Phishing is the act of attempting to acquire information such as username, password, credit card details, ATM PIN, among others from a person, by appearing as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

Communication purporting to be from social websites, auction sites, bank, online payment processors or IT administrators are commonly used to lure or fool the unsuspecting public --source

phishing attack

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Ways they Attacked and Tips to Avoid Being Victimized

1. E-mail:

Hackers use this type of technique to acquire what they need by sending an e-mail containing a link to a site they expect you to input your details they needed at. And, by entering those details, you have become a victim.

Avoid Being Victimized

Never click on a link sent to you through e-mail unless you know its destination.

2. Website Forgery:

This method means that hackers will create and design a site that is much more identical to the original site you intend to visit, and after visiting the site and you recklessly input your details, you just did what the hacker wanted.

Avoid Being Victimized

Always check page information (whenever you visited a site that requires you to provide your personal details) to verify the site authenticity or just rest your mouse on a link you wanted to visit for a moment to see if the address matches the link you expects.

3. Phone Phishing:

Hackers might risked to pick a phone to call you and sounds like an IT administrator from the company you are working with and will tell you that something just happened and he/she will like to have your password to be able to rectify the problem.
And, they can also send messages that claimed to be from a bank and told their victim to dial a phone number to rectify a problem with their bank account, and, once the victim dialled the phone number, he/she will be prompt to enter his/her account number and PIN.

Avoid Being Victimized

Ignore every calls or messages you got that requires your password or PIN.
Besides, if bank need to rectify a problem with your account, they will not ask for your password/PIN before they can rectify it.

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