8 Most Importants Guides to Purchase a Good Computer (Desktop/Laptop)

Posted by Kareem Quadri On Jul 22, 2013 0 comments
Sometimes, we have money to purchase a new computer (desktop/laptop) with us but contemplating on which computer (desktop/laptop) to buy.

So as an Engineer i came up with what i do check in a laptop before purchasing it.

Though, there are many features to check for before going for a computer (desktop/laptop), but here are the most important features you need in a computer (desktop/laptop).

Guides to Buy a Good Computer

1. Brand of the laptop:

Choosing a branded laptop with exceptional technical support is dominant to get help whenever you needed. Check the design of laptop and see how the manufacturer stacks up to the competition. Have a look at its warranty, review performance, value & selection and release cycles.

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2. Budget:

Laptops are available at various prices and even for low budget people. After setting out to buy a new laptop, first determine the amount you can spend on laptop.

3. Type of Laptop:

There are different types of laptops available; each kind represents a balance between price, power and entertainment potential. Ultrabook, Netbook, Value Laptop, Business & Gaming laptop and desktop replacement are some kinds of existing laptops.
Ultrabook and netbook has compact size, light in weight and small screen. It is best suitable for light Internet usage like emailing and browsing as its memory is small.
Business and Gaming laptops comes with lot of memory, good screen size and medium weight. As the name states, it is suitable for business and gaming purposes.
Desktop replacements are well suited for the computer users who plan to move their computer some of the time. This type of laptop comes with larger screen and big memory which could replace the functionality of a desktop computer.

4. Operating System:

Windows 8 and Mac are the new technology operating systems well suited for laptops.
Windows (7 or 8) laptops are more affordable and offer a wide range of choices from major vendors. Also it provides business friendly features like biometric and smart card verification.
Mac is the operating system from Apple which is easy to navigate and use. Mac OS X Lion is the latest version of mac and it has advanced technology features.

5. Random Access Memory (RAM):

Computer memory is part of thing to first consider when purchasing a laptop.
But we have various sizes of memory e.g. 1gb, 2gb, 4gb, 8gb e.t.c. So when purchasing a laptop 2gb is the least recommended size of memory a computer must have before purchasing it.

6. Battery Durability:

Durability is also what to check before purchasing a Laptop because is part of the reason why most people don't want to purchase a Desktop computer. If your Laptop battery isn't good, then there is no different between your Laptop and Desktop computer.
So i recommend back up of at least 3 hours of durability.

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7. Display:

Pick a laptop with higher pixel count with 1600 X 900 of high resolution.
Graphics cards: ATI or NVidia offers graphics chip for better video and 3D graphics performance. Intel also deals integrated graphics hardware for games and HD video playback.

8. Processor Speed:

processor and memory works together to makes your system faster. So when purchasing a computer, processor speed of 2.0ghtz upward is recommended.

Now to you!

What did you check for, in a computer before purchasing it that i haven't included?
Post it for the benefit of all.