Tips To Defend Your Computer Against Virus

Posted by Kareem Quadri On Jun 26, 2013 0 comments

Here are some treated issues on security flops


Antivirus is protective software designed to defend your computer against malicious software. Malicious software, or "malware" includes: viruses, Trojans, keyloggers, hijackers, dialer, and other code that vandalizes or steals your computer contents.

There is a nice misconception between the internet users that full antivirus provides better security. Yes its 100% truth but full antiviruses paid ones not the cracked ones.
But there is a free antivirus that i trust and i can bet on it that it's 100% effective

Here it is, you can download avira antivirus for free

After downloading it, Install and update it (Note updating antivirus regularly is compulsory). No need to worry because most antivirus updates automatically.

Cracked version Software's

Stop downloading cracks and keygens directly to your system but several other methods are there while you are searching for Crack or Keygen first try to search for Serial Key if you found it then its awesome and if not what to do.
Before downloading any Crack and Keygen. Go to the Website:

Now copy the download link of the Keygen or crack in the URL box provided on website this website contains all the world famous antiviruses and it will scan file for you if it contains any virus just ignore that otherwise have fun with crack or Keygen. (hackerzpositive)

Pen drive or USB drive solution

How you can protect your system from being infected from the pen drive. Just do the following three things rest is being cared by your antivirus.
1. Turn off Auto Play Devices:
To do it Go to Start Menu--> RUN-->type gpedit.msc and press enter-->User Configuration-->Administrative templates-->System-->Turn off Autoplay--> click on enable and then select all drives.
2. Turn of Computer Browser service:
To do it Go to Start Menu--> RUN-->type services.msc and press enter-->then Find Computer Browser service and disable it and restart your system.
3. Most important one Always scan the Pen drive or External hard drives after connecting them.

Downloading stuffs from Unknown Sites olution

The solution of this problem is already provided Web browser Security toolbar will help you in surfing only secured and genuine websites and if you want to visit and download Virus Total will help you to identify the file whether its infected or not.