Online Tools to Check Your Content for Duplication/Plagiarism

Posted by Kareem Quadri On Oct 15, 2013 0 comments
Plagiarism/content duplication refers to imitating or duplicating another man’s work, ideas, or thought and displays it as one’s original work without getting permission from the original source.

How It Affect Bloggers

  •  Plagiarism destroys bloggers reputation by making their readers to loose trust in them. Asking how? When a reader visit your site/blog and what he/she found is imitation/duplication of what he/she has read about before, he/she will leave.

The same reader searches for some words in Google next time, and he/she has clicked some site Google listed for his/her searched words but he/she haven’t satisfied with all articles he/she has read about his/her need, and by clicking next button under the Google listing (because your copied article will never made it to front article suggestion on Google), luckily he/she found your blog; what did you expect? He/she will be contemplating on whether to click it or not, and at last he/she clicked your blog but still blame his/her self because you just waste his/her time to go through your plagiarism content.
If you are the reader, what will you do next time such a thing happen? Answer that yourself!
  • Plagiarism can hurt your blog, especially if you are using blogger platform because whenever Google realize that every content on your blog are duplicate ideas of another men, they can delete your blog anytime without any notification.

You knew this well more than I do because that’s the first reason why most migrate from blogger platform to WordPress…so I don’t think I need further explanation on this.
Without being devious, let’s start.


  •  Plagiarisma, in fact this is the tool I labeled as “all-in-one” because, it enables you to check your words for plagiarism before publishing it to your blog, it enables you to check your blog completely for plagiarism after you’ve published your post and also enables you to check your PDF, DOCX, RTF, TXT and HTML document. 

  •    copyscape is a tool that searches for copies of your page on the web and let you know if there is a copy of your post in some where else.  

  •  Duplichecker, this is the last but not the least on the list, this tool also enables you to check your content for plagiarism but only allows maximum of 1,500 words and also include an uploader that enables you to check your DOCX or TXT file for plagiarism
In addition, if certain page consists of duplicate content that you cannot change, you must ensure that you indicate the preferred page as the original content. This must be done so that you do not end up with a duplicate/plagiarism content warning message in your Google webmaster tools. 

You can indicate certain content as duplicate by adding an html tag called rel=”canonical” on the duplicate pages with href containing the url of the original content. [woorank idea]