How I Created a Contact Page and Why you Should Create yours

Posted by Kareem Quadri On Sep 6, 2013 0 comments
Contact page is an important page on blog/site. If you created a contact page for your blog/site, you've stand a chance of receiving messages directly to your inbox from visitors that has any suggestion/complaint on your blog/site.

It's a beautiful day here, how about your area?

I visited some blogs and sites, and after checking their contact page, i noticed that most of them just wrote some couple of words and include their email for any suggestion/complaint readers have for their blog/site.

But, lets think about it, you went through a blog/site and you have suggestion/complaint for the owner of the blog/site to make his/her blog/site take another step up, and when you visit the blog/site contact page, the only thing you found there is the owner's email address.

And, sometimes before a person drop suggestion/complaint on a blog/site, he/she will be contemplating on may be he/she should drop it or not because it has no benefit to him/her. If this is the case, then he/she stop contemplating and visit your contact page, and the only thing he/she found is that you are telling him/her to go through the stress of logging-in to his/her mail, compose a message he/she want to send to you and type your email. If you're the visitor will you continue with that wasted of time effort? I bet you will just click the back button and go on to do something else because time is money.

So, in order to not let that happen, am going to unveil how i created my own contact page without the knowledge of html.

Creating a Contact Form

Step 1: Create a page on your blog/site and name it as contact page in order to recognise it whenever you need it.

Step 2: Make your created page link handy. When i say handy, what i mean is that you should copy your created page link for pasting.

Step 3: Go to mycontactform, register and verify your registration.

Step 4: Login with your account and click on Form management.

Step 5: Click on new from wizard and click on start wizard button.

Step 6: Name your contact form, paste your copied link into the provided box below and leave other settings as they are, then click next.

Step 7: Select the mail you would like the message to be forwarded to, click next and select radio button behind "allow user to type in their own custom subject".

Step 8: In the next page that shown after clicked the next button, make sure you select "NO", because it may be somehow irritating when a person want to send a message to you and he/she need to confirm that he/she want to send a message to you. That's if you select "YES".

Step 9: In this step, you will start setting how your form will look like, so, select i would like to "start with predefined question", click next and select webpage feedback.

Step 10: Select "detailed web feedback" since you need it for a normal and simple contact page.

Step 11: Insert your homepage link as the link you would like to redirect users to after submitting a message.

Step 12: After you've finished all the steps that followed the procedure i stopped at (which i think i don't need to explain), you will then see a page named as wizard finished, scroll down and click on form management, click Get html and copy the code inside the provided box.

Note: if you're using UC browser for browsing on mobile phone you may get a message stating that insufficient clipboard space because of the code longevity. If so just click on edit form, click form question in the next page and exclude some unneeded feature that are included before, then select Get html and copy the code.

Step 13: Go to your blog/site dashboard and paste the copied code in created contact page.

Note: the code will only work on the page you used is link when creating the form. If you need to change the page go back to mycontactform, change the link and re-copy the code.

That's it, you just created a contact page that has form. The free version we are using only accepts 20 messages per month which i think it's okay, but if you need more than this you can purchase their premium version which you will be able to receive up to 5,000 messages per month for just $3.33 per month.